VR Vue Enhanced Interactive Kiosk

In exhibitry, project by Tracy Evans

One of the largest multinational service companies asked Exhibitry help their customers “see the useable.” Customers can better understand the product value by seeing it in action. Exhibitry created an interactive virtual subterranean environment to demonstrate the use of their product.

The exhibit features multiple modes of engagement.  A scale model of the product with a cutaway view gives customers a tactile experience.  A large touch screen above the model features digital signage to draw in trade show attendees, and interactive content to further qualify and inform customers.

The scale model becomes a physical extension of the virtual reality experience. The integrated handheld VR Vue headset syncs with the position of the model and fills in a virtual underground environment around it. Customers can see the animated product in the virtual world and reach out and touch it in the physical world.  Touch sensors on the model trigger events in the virtual presentation.

But not every customer wants to use a VR headset. The VR Vue Viewer swiveling touch screen brings the virtual world to an even wider audience. Customers can look around the virtual world by turning and tilting the screen. And they can touch the screen to zoom in, view product x-rays and trigger events in the same virtual presentation.