Traveling Customer Event

In exhibitry, News, product, project by Tracy Evans

The worlds largest oilfield services company asked Exhibitry to create a traveling interactive installation to immerse customers in an understanding of the company’s advanced technology and to provide them with a virtual hands-on experience of using the products featured.

Exhibitry handled the project from concept to completion, designing and realizing several multi-sensory presentations, fabrication the structures and exhibits and production managing the show as it traveled the globe.

Spectators entering the 4,000-sq foot (1,200 sq meter) experience room are surrounded by a 16-foot tall (4.8 meter) structure with 11 projectors, 3 ultra-wide screens and several interactive stations. Virtual products are experienced firsthand in immersive projection domes where viewers embark, virtual flashlight in hand, on real-time animated spelunking explorations of the subsurface world of oil production.

A multi-screen feature presentation tells the  story of the 300-million year process that leads to hydrocarbon production. 25-foot wide projection screens surround the audience as the story comes to life through animation, 5.1 surround sound, live narration and a custom music score. A projection-mapped augmented sculpture visually transforms between a variety of different objects through the illusion of 3D projection mapping. Focal Vue projection domes create a VR-like experience without the need for a headset.

Flexibility was an important element in the design of the exhibit. It was conceived as a modular presentation platform that can be reconfigured depending on venue and space, and repurposed with different digital content for client presentations, product introductions, and other special events.

The exhibit premiered at the iconic Meydan Sky Bubble in Dubai, and garnered amazed reactions from both clients and company representatives. Visiting customers were particularly taken by the bold, innovative presentation. Comments such as “I love it.” and “I’ve never seen anything like this.” were common reactions. The show was expanded to a new level with the addition of 2 projection visualization tables and a live presenter for a series of shows in Kuala Lumpur the following year.