TouchFree is the New Wave in Interactive Interfaces

In exhibitry, News by Tracy Evans

Tired of typical touchscreen? Apparently the judges at ExhibitorLIVE Buyers’ Choice Awards were when they awarded the new TouchFree Interactor with an prize for one of the best new interactive products of the year.

TouchFree is all about the new wave of hands-free, gesture-recognition technology. Users can pass their hands over the colorful LED lights of the TouchFree Interactor to make on-screen selections in the provided presentation. The Interactor detects hand movements as subtle as a flick of the wrist with infrared trackers that then transform those moves into actions on the screen.

Four-Buyers-Choice-Awards-for-exhibitry.comJudges commented on the “sleek,contemporary design, and its ability to add a futuristic element to any interactive display via gesture-recognition technology.” This makes it ideal for product demonstrations, self-service stands, digital signage and even live presentations. Like many of Exhibitry products, the TouchFree Interactor can run a preselected program or can be customized fit their exact event and exhibit needs.

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