Side-by-side Interactive Exhibit

In project by Tracy Evans

The ability to easily replace components of a producing oil well, installed thousands of feet below the earth’s surface, is no simple task. Demonstrating the process and explaining the required technology on a trade show floor is almost (but not quite) as challenging. The producers, directors and craftspeople at were ready to take on the latter challenge.

Side-by-side-kioskThe Side-by-side Interactive Exhibit focuses on presenting the product’s main differentiator through a computer-controlled articulated scale model, while a variety of multimedia elements (robotics, animation, storytelling, and interactivity) are integrated to tell the full story of the product and communicate features and benefits to customers.

The target audience for this exhibit is a customer familiar with oilfield technology but not necessarily fully versed in this particular market segment. The goal of the media presentation is to build on the customers existing knowledge and communicate key concepts of this unique approach without getting bogged down in more technical details than one can absorb within the typically allotted viewing time of a trade show exhibit.

To accomplish this, we chose a tiered approach to presenting different depths of information for different audiences. The exhibit became a self-contained marketing chameleon, appropriate for almost any occasion by functioning in different modes depending on the venue, audience, and the needs of the presenter.