HoloTube Mini



HoloTube Mini

Handheld Interactive Holograms


The HoloTube Mini is part product demonstration, part magic trick. Imagine showing your customers an interactive hologram of your product right before their eyes. HoloTube Mini is a gadget right out of science fiction that captivates viewers and offers an entirely new way to demo and explain products and services.

3D models of your product materialize in thin air within the HoloTube Mini chamber. HoloTube Mini features control buttons and a rotary control knob that lets you interact directly with the holograms. Product holograms can be spun around, magnified, taken apart and even virtually operated.

The 9-inch tall HoloTube Mini can feature multiple products and interactive demonstrations. You can think of it as a futuristic jukebox that contains your entire product line, ready to demonstrate and explain to clients at the touch of a button or the spin of the dial.