Product Demos using Projection Mapping

In exhibitry, project by Tracy Evans

Video projection mapping is one of the hottest trends in location-based marketing. Bringing your product to life with precisely mapped video-imagery captivates audiences and holds their attention while presenting your marketing message in an unforgettable manner.

Projection-mapped Product Demo is a product and service from A custom sculpture of your product is fabricated and meticulously video mapped with 3D animated representations of its features, functions and benefits.

Our producers, artists and animators collaborate with your engineering and/or marketing team to create a product demonstration experience unlike any other.Viewers are amazed and captivated when they see a stationary sculpture (of your product) begin to move and explain itself.

As you might expect, every Projection-mapped Product Demonstration is customized to a particular product and marketing objective. Our producers, directors and animators have decades of experience in demonstrating and explaining products and services, and are adept at collaborating with your product team to create a memorable demonstration.