ExhibitorLive 2017 Preview – 12 New Products from Exhibitry

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ON March 12, 2017 Exhibitry.com will premier 12 new interactive media products at Exhibitor LIVE, the annual conference for trade show and corporate event marketers. Stop by booth #1063 and check out the latest interactive exhibit technologies.

VR Vue

Virtual reality is one of the trade show industry’s biggest buzzwords, and Exhibitry’s VR Vue system offers many unique features, chief among them the ability to sync real-world items with their virtual counterparts.

Simple, physical objects called VR Vue Sculptures come to life for users wearing the VR headset. As users walk around the sculpture, their view of the virtual model changes in kind. Users can interact with the sculpture, as a wave of a hand or the touch of a finger can prompt virtual content highlighting the product’s features.

The VR Vue system also lets bystanders get in on the action without a headset via the optional VR Vue-r tablet stand or simply watch the proceedings on display screens.

VR Vue Examiner

The VR Vue Examiner from Exhibitry allows attendees to engage in virtual- and augmented-reality experiences without cumbersome headsets.

The system is available in two configurations: a freestanding touchscreen monitor and a handheld wireless device, or as a wired handheld device with a built-in touchscreen. Users can simply point the handheld device at a designated area of the booth – a product display, for example – to bring the virtual product to animated life.

Tapping the touchscreen can trigger pop-up infographics, switch the display to X-ray mode to allow users to see inside the product, and even operate the virtual representation to better understand how it functions. And as users swivel and tilt the monitor, their motions are synced in the virtual world on the screen.

HoloTube Mini

The HoloTube Mini is part product demonstration, part magic trick. Imagine showing your customers an interactive hologram of your product right before their eyes. HoloTube Mini is a gadget right out of science fiction that captivates viewers and offers an entirely new way to demo and explain products and services.

3D models of your product materialize in thin air within the HoloTube Mini chamber. HoloTube Mini features control buttons and a rotary control knob that lets you interact directly with the holograms. Product holograms can be spun around, magnified, taken apart and even virtually operated.

The 9-inch tall HoloTube Mini can feature multiple products and interactive demonstrations. You can think of it as a futuristic jukebox that contains your entire product line, ready to demonstrate and explain to clients at the touch of a button or the spin of the dial.

3D Vue

Enabling trade show attendees to explore and interact with a company’s products can be a challenge for exhibitors, especially when the product in question is too large to fit in a booth or too complex for a one-size-fits-all demo.

Enter the 3D Vue from Exhibitry, which creates interactive 3-D simulations that allow attendees to examine your product, whether it’s an aircraft or a microchip, from any angle and focus on the features that most appeal to them. Content options include product models, videos, and other media that can be leveraged from existing files or created from scratch.

3D Vue presentation play almost everywhere: tablets, phones, PCs, web sites and even virtual reality systems. 3D Vue animations are “future-proofed” thanks to the resolution independence of the real-time 3D environment. This means that they display at full resolution on current and future display technology and can easily be ported to new platforms as they appear.

HoloHost Interactive and HoloHost Presenter

Attract – and keep – attendees’ attention with the HoloHost Presenter and HoloHost Interactive units from Exhibitry, which create life-size “video cutouts” of a presenter who greets customers and tells them about your offerings.

These compact kiosks leverage ultra-short throw-projection technology to create completely self-contained presentation systems in a 3-by-3-foot footprint.

The Presenter model delivers content on a loop or at preset intervals, while the Interactive model can convey information and answer questions tailored to attendees’ interests based on what they select on the unit’s interactive touchscreen. Exhibitry.com’s production team customizes every presentation, including the script and the casting of the host, to fit each client’s needs, and it offers turnkey delivery – much to the relief of trade show managers.


Monitor stands often have all the appeal and personality of generic office furniture. Brighten up your exhibit with Exhibitry’s LumaKiosk, which matches flexibility with flair.

Available in a variety of packages ranging from a standalone base unit to a comprehensive system complete with a 55-inch high-definition touchscreen, media player, and LED-lit acrylic header, the LumaKiosk boasts two key differentiators.

The entire system can be disassembled, packed into a single rolling case, and checked as standard luggage (units with touchscreens require two cases). And to help your exhibit stand out in the crowd, the kiosk’s base lights up in any number of hues courtesy of internal LEDs that can be controlled by remote.

Magic Cube

Add an air of intrigue to your digital product presentations with the Magic Cube from Exhibitry. A 12-inch block with a mirrored black surface, the enigmatic Magic Cube doesn’t reveal its purpose until attendees approach its accompanying touchscreen, which springs to life when the cube is in view. The Magic Cube then serves as an interface through which attendees can explore a virtual model of your company’s product. As users flip or spin the cube, their view of the product on the screen is synced with the movement. Users can also use the touchscreen to bring up information on the product’s features and benefits.

FocalVue Theater

Immerse attendees in a virtual 3-D world courtesy of the FocalVue Theater from Exhibitry. While scalable to almost any size, the standard model fits comfortably in a 20-by-20-foot booth and offers a 15-foot-wide panorama with a 210-by-75-degree field of view.

The projection unit is a self-contained device placed within the footprint of the theater’s dome, eliminating the worry about positioning a separate projector in the exhibit. Programming can present a company’s products contextually in their native environments or through 3-D graphics, 360-degree photos and videos, and interactive overlays.

Attendees interact with presentations via a handheld controller or a touchscreen-embedded station that enables them to manipulate objects in the scene, move the camera view, and travel around the virtual space.

ProjectionVue Kiosk

The ProjectionVue Kiosk from Exhibitry is a practical way to bring the magic of projection mapping to your exhibit while sidestepping the expensive technical setup and large space requirements the technology typically requires.

The entirely self-contained system comprises a touchscreen-embedded stand and an exhibitor’s choice of either a custom or standard projection-mapping surface, both of which rest upon a circular base. Exhibitry’s team of producers, artists, and animators handles the technological concerns and delivers a turnkey interactive presentation that animates your product’s functions, features, and benefits.

The kiosk can be set up in a matter of minutes, and its compact, 3-by-3-foot footprint means that projection mapping is no longer restricted to trade show Goliaths.

ProjectionVue Sandbox

Exhibitors, especially those in the construction and mining industries, who are searching for a unique traffic builder need look no further than the ProjectionVue Sandbox from Exhibitry.

This 80-by-26-inch waist-high case is a literal sandbox, but one with an augmented-reality twist: a topographic map that is projected onto the sand. As users dig into the sand using small tools or even their bare hands, the 3-D map changes by revealing areas of ground water and subsurface anomalies, such as a horizontal oil well or dinosaur fossils.
Small cameras within the sandbox capture the small-scale excavating and feed the footage to a pair of overhead monitors so passersby can view the earth-moving action.

Sensory Dome

Offering attendees an immersive experience in a theater-like setting typically requires a massive exhibit and a proportionately sized budget to cover shipping and drayage. But the Sensory Dome from Exhibitry delivers an interactive viewing experience in a 100-square-foot space and can be packed into a modestly sized carton thanks to its inflatable screen. (A rigid model is also available for longer-term and permanent installations.)

The concave structure offers a 180-degree view of real-world or simulated environments that can be manipulated via a hand-held device or a touchscreen-embedded stand.


Touchscreens are all well and good, but complex interfaces can detract from an exhibitor’s message and products, and their ubiquity can leave attendees more mild than wild. The Touch Anything technology from Exhibitry solves both problems in one fell swoop.

The system integrates sections of scaled models of an exhibitor’s product – or, when possible, the actual products themselves-in the kiosk stand’s surface and transforms them into an interface using capacitive touch technology. A tap of a finger or a brush of a hand on the embedded object can trigger content ranging from video playback to interactive presentations that keep attendees cognitively and tactilely engaged with your products.