Robotics & Models
Robotics & Models

Make big things small…

or small things big, or heavy things light. That’s one of the advantages scale models have for trade show displays.

This scale model of an offshore coiled tubing rig also included a silent looping animated explanation of the technology. The animation acted like a motion billboard attracting attention and telling the product story.

Exhibit Predicts the Future?
Wind farms use LIDAR remote sensing technology to predict and prepare for changes in the weather. This interactive exhibit features working miniature windmills, a video diorama, videos that explain the technology, and animated video arrows projected on to the topography of the terrain.

Solar Power Exhibit
An intricate computer-controlled field of modeled solar panels, backed by a video diorama, demonstrates the benefits of this alternative, and unlimited, energy source. The background videos help educate a non-technical audience on how a solar power plant operates.

Unique Screen Shapes
This interactive trade show exhibit allows the user to take control of the product. The scale model of the product operates as the screens indicate features. With narrow ‘bar’ monitors to the left and right of the model, the user vividly sees how the product responded to a variety of scenarios.
The touch screen beneath the model allows users to learn more.