Kiosks on Steroids? What is Interactive Exhibitry?

In exhibitry by Tracy Evans

Some might refer to Interactive Exhibitry as a “kiosk on steroids” but these multi-sensory trade show displays deliver far more than a typical touch-screen stand. They have proven to be extremely effective in attracting attention at trade shows, drawing a crowd and aiding customers retention of product information.

The combination of tactile, audio and visual content make Interactive Exhibitry a dynamic live demonstration tool as well as an effective customer touchpoint for self-running demonstration.

Interactive Exhibitry uses a variety of techniques to focus the attention on a particular product or service. The combination of animation, scale models, robotics, video, and various forms of touch-interactivity combine to tell a marketing story in an unforgettable manner.

The artists, directors, programmers and builders at specialize in communicating business stories through this exciting medium.