Interactive Holograms Wow Judging Panel

In exhibitry, News by Tracy Evans

The new HoloTube and HoloTube Kiosk were well received by attendees and judges alike at the recent ExhibitorLIVE conference. HoloTube was awarded a Buyers’ Choice Awards as one of the best new products of the year.

Four-Buyers-Choice-Awards-for-exhibitry.comOne judge commented that HoloTube Kiosk is “a cool, compelling new product that could lure attendees into your space with the power of a tractor beam.”

The HoloTube Kiosk on display at ExhibitorLIVE was constantly surrounded by amazed attendees for the run of the show. Everyone was impressed with the ability to examine, explore and interact with 3D holographic representations of products.

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