Inside Out with X-ray Vue

In exhibitry, project by Tracy Evans is honored to have received four top awards this year. Our popular X-ray Vue – Product Visualizer was recipient of the Buyers’ Choice Award for best new exhibiting product at the annual ExhibitorLIVE show in Las Vegas.

Four-Buyers-Choice-Awards-for-exhibitry.comJudges noted that X-ray Vue “allows companies to showcase the kind internal product engneering that is otherwise difficult to display and discuss.” Because interested customers can see, touch and even operate all aspects of a product in the visualizer, they can experience the item inside and out.

Xray-VideoX-ray Vue is perfect for demonstrating the appearance and function of many different products. It is available in a variety of sizes from tabletop to video wall scale. The interactive screen of the X-ray Vue Visualizer is placed over the product, appearing to hover as users slide the screen back and forth to see inside the product like an x-ray. Then the touchscreen is used to virtually move and manipulate the components to further understand the product and the way that it works.

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