Holographic Exhibits – HoloTube™ and HoloTube Kiosk

In product, project by Tracy Evans

The quest for practical holograms has been ongoing from the days of Carrie Fischer’s holographic selfie in the first Star Wars movie. A variety of technological approaches have been developed since, most involving elaborate projections systems, room-sized apparatus and special lighting. The HoloTube’s patented technology utilizes a completely different approach to holography. It is a self-contained unit with no special requirements limiting its usefulness and portability.

HoloTube is part interactive presentation station, part magic trick. A touch screen allows customers to manipulate a variety of holographic imagery, video, animation and product simulations at the touch of a finger. They can explore, and even operate, a holographic simulation of your product, or interact with your holographic host.

HoloTube is offered in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit any size booth or footprint.
The HoloTube – Holographic Product Demonstration Kiosk (left) allows customers to manipulate a variety of holographic product simulations at the touch of a finger. They can explore, and even operate, a holographic image of your product.

The HoloTube – Holographic Booth Host presents a life-size hologram of a presenter or spokesperson greets visitors, tells them about your offerings and guides them to specific products and services within your booth. She even invites them to take selfies with her.

An interactive touch screen allows customers to interact directly with your holographic host. They can ask questions about your product and services that your host is happy to answer and explain. She can even demonstrate products or explain services. Rotating 3D models of your product can “beam into’ the HoloTube. The display and explanatory possibilities are endless.

While other solutions offer static image display or looping canned presentations, the HoloTube kiosk utilizes full motion video as well as a real-time 3D interactive environment that allows viewers to interact with the holographic host or spin a product model around in 3D.

The full motion interactive holographic images appear to float within the HoloTube chamber. Floating images can be generated from existing video materials, or presented as real-time interactive 3D objects and scenes. Even PowerPoint presentations and other 2D materials can be repurposed so that they float in the middle of the HoloTube chamber.

The standard HoloTubes features interactive content custom designed for your marketing objective. A deluxe version, HoloTube Live™, is also available that can feature a holographic live presenter floating within the chamber speaking directly to your customers. (The Live version requires a separate hidden area where video cameras shoot and transmit the imagery to the HoloTube.)