CircleVision™ – Circular Video Display

In product, project by Tracy Evans

Customers have become immune to the standard 16 x 9 flat screen displays that populate most trade shows and retail locations. Video, animation and interactive content on a non-standard screen shape catches the eye and sparks curiosity.

CircleVision is a unique circular-shaped display screen for video, animation, live presentations and interactive content. The self-contained system utilizes ultra-short throw projection to create an eye-catching semi-transparent video image.

Existing video content easily adapts to the circular format. The rear-projected image is bright enough to use in a fully-lit room, and it truly excels in a controlled-lighting environment.

CircleVision-Display-and-TouchFree-InteractorThe round shape and transparency of CircleVision make it an almost magical display that is fascinating to watch, and fun to interact with. Combine CircleVision with our TouchFree interface for interactive content and a Minority Report-like experience.

The standard unit packs a big impact into a small footprint.The 34” circular screens crowns a projection pedestal of 30” x 17” x 12”. The assembled unit stands 102” tall. Standard units come in black but can be customized with your branding colors, logo or product name.

CircleVision is ideal for:

  • video display
  • product demonstration kiosk
  • self-service kiosk
  • digital signage
  • product simulations
  • contests (interactive spinning wheel of fortune)
  • lobby, museum or retail installation
  • interactive presentation
  • live presentations

Trade show marketers are endlessly searching for engaging ways to stand out in the cacophony of visual stimuli that the trade show floors of the 21st century have become. Capturing a customer’s attention and engaging their imagination requires a constant search for the new, interesting and original. Unique experiences tend to better hold a customers attention while you deliver your marketing message, aiding in the retention of that information afterwards.

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