Your product has a story to tell

We create interactive experiences that demonstrate products,
explain technology and tell your story.
Our Team

The trade show technologists, artisans, animators and programmers at Exhibitry create interactive media, apps and installations that engage, inform and motivate customers.

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Our Process
We fuse button-down business sensibilities with our eclectic mix of skills and capabilities in order to create virtual reality, holographic product simulations or even robotic displays specifically tailored to your unique product, market and customer base.

For more than 30 years the professionals at Exhibitry have focused on creating digital, physical and live presentation marketing materials. Our peers have honored us over the years with numerous industry awards for our unique marketing creations, services and products.

From concept to completion, our digital studio provides conceptual design, animation, video production, programming, technology integration and custom electronics, while our 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility provides engineering, design and fabrication.


In addition to our custom interactive work, we offer a number of award wining trade show technologies and products such as our HoloTube, VR Vue, Touch-free and X-Ray Vue. Download the Exhibitry 2018 book for an overview of our current product line.